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Nine to Nine Forex is branded as One of the top Money Changers in the country and number one for Authorised agents for selling of Prepaid Travel cards. In Delhi / NCR. Currency Conversion rate provided by us, is the "Best Rates in India" and you cannot get better rate anywhere else to buy and sell Foreign Currencies, Travelers Cheques, and Prepaid Foreign Currency Cards.

Why Chose Forex Card

  • Need not to carry cash.
  • Safest way to travel.
  • Work as debit or credit card.
  • Can be use as ATM card.
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India's Largest Foreign Exchange Market Place
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Types of Forex Card

You can load forex card with multiple currencies. This will save you from getting overcharged during cross currency conversion charges. An equivalent of US $ 2.5 lakh per annum can be loaded on a prepaid card.
All forex cards are either issued on visa or mater card platform. Features are same but availability of destination currency may vary. Rates and after sales service applicable are also different.
These offer best rates for forex cards owing to their collaborations with various banks and forex risk management abilities.
Here are some of the other benefits you can enjoy while using Nine two Nine Forex Cards:
Nine two Nine Forex Cards are widely accepted in foreign countries at all departmental stores, malls, railways, restaurants, cafes etc
Loading multiple currencies on a single multi-currency forex card is a breeze. Nine two Nine Forex offers this facility in 16 currencies for on a single prepaid travel card.
Applying card in advance and loading with multiple currencies will help you avoid unnecessary rush and charges applicable when booking at the last minute
Prepaid travel cards will not charge Forex mark-up fees. Hence, these are more affordable than international debit/credit cards. Swiping of travel cards at POS terminal abroad is free! First 3 ATM withdrawal charges are waived off at Nine two Nine Forex
You can block your card in case of the loss or theft of card by calling the toll free number available in your card-kit. The safe chip and pin technology is used in these cards

Buying Forex Card – Things to Know

1. Make sure you read the manual available with the card kit carefully before using.

2. In India, Forex is regulated. Bank must adhere to all suggestions and guidance mentioned by RBI when offering foreign exchange services. Since forex cards are also regulated by FEMA guidelines, it is crucial that issuer of cards follow all regulations.

3.Reading the manual give you a clear idea on expenses related to the card.

4.Swiping at POS is free.

5. You must pay ATM withdrawal charges wherever applicable.

6. Strictly avoid using ATMs in foreign countries abroad to check the balance /statement. Net banking is the safer option as it helps you avoid charges.

7. User gets a web pin with the card kit.

8. Make sure you swipe in the same currency as loaded. This is important to avoid any currency charges.

Reloading of Forex Card

In general, Forex Cards by Nine two Nine come with a validity of 5 years. However, you can reload it as per your needs and in varied currencies on same card. You can do this prior to departing from your home country or while travelling. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Select the option “Reload Forex Card” on Home page.

Step 2: Scan copy of the relevant Reload form.

Step 3: Send this copy.

Applying for a Forex Card

  • Step One

    Know the exact quantity of forex required. You should decide the amount you should have in cash and the balance in card.

  • Step Two

    Check if currency of your chosen destination is available on the card.

  • Step Three

    Have a look at offers and rates online. Nine two Nine Forex offers the best rates on forex cards with exciting offers.

  • Step Four

    Forex card is best applied on Nine two Nine Forex website. Thereafter, it can be picked personally or dispatched through personnel from branch locations.

Documents Required

You would require the following document for applying for our multi-currency Nine two Nine Forex Card:

    - A Copy of visa
  • - A Self-attested copy of passport
  • - A Copy of Air ticket
  • - A Self-attested copy of PAN card

Final Note

Forex cards are a very convenient, safer and economical way to carry foreign exchange. This means you are insuring your money in hand while travelling. Prior to actually buying it is crucial that you check whether or not the destination currency is available on card. In case, it isn’t, the process may get a little expensive for you. Exchange loss at airport is a big issue. You can save yourself from this because Forex card fetches better encashment rates than cards.

Why Choose us for Foreign Currency Exchange in Delhi?

If you want to exchange the foreign currency at best exchange rates which are far better than the rates offered by Banks, or at the airport, or by other dealers in India.

Here you will get a live market rate which is extremely competitive.

The exact rate of money exchange will be shown on the site of Nine Two Nine Forex

Get the service of next day or same-day delivery at your door which is free of cost especially if your order is above Rs 50,000.

We have ability to complete all your orders on time from hundreds of locations in India and especially in Delhi.

If you want to get the best customer service then visit Nine Two Nine Forex where you will get thousands of satisfied customers who have experienced our services.

All the transactions are 100% secure and safe as we are authorized by RBI and maintain the level of your privacy.

We do not charge any additional commission other than the exchange rates offered by us.

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